School Contacts

Kingdom Kids:

Name Position
Ken McAllister Principal
Emily Shea

Teaching and Learning Leader

Secondary School Leader
Secondary School Teacher

Tracy Ronnfeldt People and Culture Leader
Lower Primary Leader
Primary School Teacher
Leisa Beynon

Upper Primary Leader

Primary Teacher – Year 5/6

Christine Kirkham Administration Officer
Kathryn Beazley Administration Assistant
Christine Pardon Administration Assistant
Shiane Hawke Administration Assistant
Halie Bignell Administration – FACTS
Gemma Riley NT Christian College Project Officer
Alice Kempster Defence School Mentor
Sharon Fishlock Primary Teacher – Transition
Gwenyth Thomsen Primary Teacher – Transition
Elizabeth Ezzy Primary Teacher – Transition
Gwyndelyn Camigla Primary Teacher – Year 1/2
Samantha Hickman Primary Teacher – Year 1/2
Stefanie Mainey Primary Teacher – Year 1/2
Andrew Boutillier Primary Teacher – Year 3/4
Rebecca Tooler Primary Teacher – Year 3/4
Marc Schmidt Primary Teacher – Year 4/5
Leisa Beynon Primary Teacher – Year 5/6
Leilani Grieves Primary Teacher – Year 5/6
Jillian Carter Year 7 PCG Teacher
Secondary School Teacher
Jeffrey Kapi Year 7/8 PCG Teacher
Secondary School Teacher
Danielle Jessup Year 8 PCG Teacher
Secondary School Teacher
Jessica Carson

Year 9 PCG Teacher

Secondary School Teacher

Richard Carter

Year 10 PCG Teacher

Year 11 PCG Teacher

Secondary School Teacher

Ana Abbott Secondary School Teacher
Biju Mani Secondary School Teacher
Dominggus Modoh LOTE: Indonesian Teacher
Johan van Leeuwen Physical Education Teacher
Helen Wootton Music Teacher
Christine Macrides Librarian Teacher
Lara Kershaw Library and Science Technician Assistant
Urmi Dias Science Technician Assistant
Cynthia Chapman

Primary Education Support Teacher

Primary Teacher – Year 1/2

Michael Manwaring Secondary School Education Support Teacher
Art Teacher
Arlene Fuller Teacher Aide
Genelene Macabuhay Teacher Aide
Jane Foster Teacher Aide
Wellbeing Officer
Kat Muller Teacher Aide
Leah Merritt Teacher Aide
Lydia Mitchell Teacher Aide
Marcus Forsyth Teacher Aide
Nomvula Ndlovu Teacher Aide
Sheila Brown Teacher Aide
Whitney Jones Teacher Aide
Sue Beynon Kingdom Kids Early Learning Centre Director
Rene Prosser Kingdom Kids Early Learning Centre Educator
Sarah Gordon Kingdom Kids Early Learning Centre Educator
Wendy Knoop Kingdom Kids Early Learning Centre Educator
Amy-Lee Kennaway Kingdom Kids Early Learning Centre Educator
Allan Bishop Information Technology
Andrew Fahey Grounds and Maintenance Manager
Daniel Beazley Grounds and Maintenance Officer
Daniel Muskee Grounds and Maintenance Officer
Paul Vaatstra Grounds and Maintenance Officer
Matthew Ezzy Grounds and Maintenance Officer
Daxton Fabian Grounds and Maintenance Officer
Carl Fisher Caretaker
Janelle Fisher Caretaker