Student Support


Effective communication between students, teachers and parents is integral in ensuring every student can reach their potential. Parents are encouraged to make contact with teachers to clarify and inform them about important information. Communication between students and teachers can continue via email when students are home sick or are in need of assistance while working at home.

Each teacher will provide time frames that they are contactable outside of school hours. Teachers will also be in regular contact with parents and are available for informal meetings when necessary. Parents can contact teachers through the Compass Portal and contact details can also be accessed on the Palmerston Christian School website.

Education Support

Education Support strives to provide students with modified programs and assessments to aid them in being successful learners. PCS Middle School offers students with a disability, a modified, scaffolded and supported learning environment across the Key Learning Areas, (English, Mathematics, HaSS and Science).

In addition, if struggling in an elective subjects, students are able to still access modified assessments to assist their learning. Remedial and recovery programs offered are within English, Math and Social, and Sensory Skills. Students with a disability are given targeted support by Education Support personnel within their main areas of need.

This may be English or Mathematics Skills, Social Skills or another identified area selected by the parents, Subject Teachers or Education Support Teacher based on specialist reports or discussions between the family and the school.

Regular communication is encouraged between parents and the Education Support Teacher to provide students with the best and most appropriate support possible.