Behavioural Expectations

PCS Middle School has high expectations of student behaviour. The school has established four basic expectations within the school core values to encourage students to develop intrinsic motivation towards learning and appropriate actions towards themselves and others. The four expectations are: Respect, Responsibility Maximising Learning and Service to Others.

For further information on this as well as discipline actions for behaviour and incomplete work, please refer to the Behaviour Management Plan,

Inappropriate Behaviour

The Middle School has a two warning system within the classroom before further action is taken by the Pastoral (PC) Coordinator. Repeated inappropriate behaviour and being sent to the PC Coordinator will result in parent involvement, behaviour cards and meeting with the principal and in-school suspensions in escalating cases. Consequences to violence or bullying behaviour is assessed on a case by case basis and may incur an in-school suspension.

Homework/Assignment Recovery

Students who have not completed homework or assignments by the due date will be required to attend Homework Recovery until the task is completed unless they have a parent note requesting an extension. Homework Detention operates Monday-Friday at lunch time and students are able to bring their lunch with them. It is supervised by a teacher on duty and students are able to seek assistance as required.

Valuables at School (Lock Box)

No electronics are to be used at school other than school allocated iPads. iPads should only be used at appropriate times and in set places. All other valuables including phones, iPods, cash and other expensive possessions that students choose to bring to school must be placed in their classroom lock box for security purposes. Lock boxes will be open during PCG time in the morning during which students will need to place their items in and the teacher will lock it up. the lock box will be unlocked at the end of the day and students will be able to collect their items to take home.

Electronic devices, found on or in use by students that should be in a lock box will be confiscated. These items will be available for pick up by the student’s parents from the front office at the end of the day. the student involved will not be allowed to pick up confiscated items.