Welcome to PCS Middle School

Palmerston Christian School is a school where every student is able to thrive. The Middle School years are a unique period of student growth and development. The Middle School program is designed to expand students’ academic skills and promote personal development. The attitudes of responsible citizenship is embedded into the program through a variety of learning experiences. The school seeks to develop and encourage an understanding, application and a respect for God and for Christian values.

Adolescence is a time of rapid physical, social, emotional and cognitive change. At PCS we target teaching and learning to each student individually as they grow into their maturity. The focus is on developing personal values, student social-emotional wellbeing, and developing classroom activities and structures to ensure every student achieves their full potential. Our approach equips Middle School students with vital skills, knowledge and attitude for their senior school years and to prepare them for life in the wider community.


We believe that students flourish best when they have developed a positive mindset. We also believe that each student is important, can become self-confident, enhance their academic performance and has the potential to achieve their goals and dreams. The success of our Middle School is the result of a collaborative approach of students, parents, and the entire school community together focused on the holistic development of the student.