House Teams

Families will be allocated a sports team upon enrolment.

Wesley – Blue
Mrs Susannah Wesley, mother of Charles and John Wesley (great British evangelists of the 18th century).

Kuyper – Green
Abraham Kuyper who served as a politician in Holland at the turn of the century. Kuyper was responsible for establishing the concept of Christian Parent Controlled Schooling.

Nicholls – Red
Pastor Doug Nicholl who became the first Aboriginal to be appointed Governor.

Chisholm – Gold
Caroline Chisholm who established a support structure for young ladies arriving in Australia from England in the 19th century.


Sport is programmed into our school week and each class does, on average, a minimum of 2 hours sport a week. This includes fitness, skill development, swimming, athletics as well as games and modified game playing. Where possible, the school participates in interschool competitions and has representative teams that compete in matches with other school teams. Developmental Sports Officers come into the school on a regular basis to instruct students in specific sports.