PCS has a very attractive and ‘user-friendly’ school uniform. Each student is expected to be in full school uniform, including shoes, at all times.

The complete school uniform range (excluding Kingdom Kids, Senior School, shoes and socks) is available from LOWES at Gateway Shopping Centre, Palmerston.

Kingdom Kids uniforms are available for purchase from the School Office.

Senior School uniforms are available for purchase at the NT Cricket and Football Shop.

The NT Government has advised that the Back to School Vouchers ($150/student) will be available only during Term 1 in 2020. At PCS the vouchers can be redeemed for either uniforms or can be put towards fees.

All accounts must be settled at time of purchase.

Uniform Prices

For prices and ordering, please fill in the

2019 Lowes Uniform Price List PDF

Kingdom Kids ELC Uniform:

Shirt: $25 and Hat: $13

Primary School Boys Uniform

Primary school polo shirt
Navy school shorts
Plain white socks

Primary School Girls Uniform

School dress or Primary school polo shirt
Navy school shorts
Plain white socks

Middle School Boys Uniform

Middle school shirt
Navy cargo shorts
Plain white socks

Middle School Girls Uniform

Middle school shirt
Navy dress shorts
Plain white socks

House colour

PCS sports polo shirt
Navy sports knit shorts

Senior School Uniform

Senior School Shirt
Black Senior School shorts
Plain white socks


Students must wear completely all black enclosed shoes, such as a leather school shoe or sneaker. Please note that enclosed shoes are required for specific classes i.e. woodwork, science, home economics etc.

General Items

Students must wear their hair up and out of their face, using only plain navy or white hair ties. Students must keep their hair in simple stlye and may colour their hair but they should keep the colour as natural as possible. Extreme hair cuts or hair colouring is unacceptable.

Students should not be wearing jewellery including necklaces and rings. Students are permitted to wear a watch and a single piercing in each ear. Earrings should be small plain gold or silver sleepers or studs. Medical alert jewellery is permitted in all forms. Facial piercings are not permitted.

Nail polish, salon nails and makeup is not permitted and should not be worn to school. Any student wearing nail polish or makeup will be required to report to the office and remove it.