The primary school years (Transition – Year 6) are fundamental in the academic development of young people. At Palmerston Christian School students are supported to reach their academic potential as well as being nurtured to develop knowledge, love and understanding of God and empathy towards others.

A rigorous phonemic and literacy program in the Early Childhood section (Transition – Year 2) equips young children with the necessary kick start to be readers and writers, equipping them to be life-long learners.

The Accelerated Reading program enhances classroom literacy programs in Years 3-6 by, stimulating and challenging students to read frequently and widely at their appropriate level.

Students attending Palmerston Christian School undergo regular assessments to track numeracy and literacy development throughout their school years. This enables teachers to make accurate judgements when planning and assessing student learning. In the primary years an integrated program is developed around the Northern Territory Curriculum Framework and The Australian Curriculum.

All Primary school students engage in a social and emotional health program that aspires to instil core values such as honesty, acceptance, respect and friendliness. The program supports students to develop resilience and to live out the values taught by Jesus.

In the senior primary years (Year 5 – Year 6) Palmerston Christian School students undertake leadership skills training. Afterwhich they lead small groups of younger students in fun activities which strengthens social skills and community identity.

The Primary years at Palmerston Christian School are dynamic and fun, providing students with firm academic foundations and support family and community values.