Steps on Enrolment

Step 1 – Making an application

Collect an application package from the PCS Office which includes with all the information required to start school, including uniforms, books and the procedures for the new school year. Return the completed application form to the Office.

Step 2 – Interview and offer of a place

Students and their parents attend an interview with the Principal. The aim of this interview is to provide both the students and the parents an opportunity to talk with the Principal about the school, its structure, expectations and to have any questions answered. If a vacancy is available, an offer of a place may result. If classes are full, you will be placed on a waiting list. Complete the full application form. Parents should ensure that all documentation is included when submitting an application form. This information helps us build a profile of each applicant to ensure that we can best asses of their individual skills and abilities.

Step 3 – Accepting the place

Enrolment will be confirmed on receipt of the current Enrolment Bond. Parents are also required to sign an Enrolment Contract accepting the policies, rules and regulations of the School. Parents must complete all enrolment forms prior to their child commencing.

Step 4 – Welcome to PCS: Orientation

Your child will receive an invitation to spend a day in November experiencing school life at PCS. Students beginning Transition for the first time are encouraged to visit the school at regular intervals with ther parents to familiarise themselves with the school. Children may spend short sessions in the classroom (preferably no more than one or two newies at a time though!) and may stay, for example, for morning recess or lunch. This is of great benefit to both children and parents. Children are welcome to visit during the fourth quarter. Prior arrangements should be made with the school.