Education Support

Education Support strives to provide students with modifies programs and assessment to aide them being successful learners. PCS offers students with a disability (SWD) a modified, scaffolded and supported learning environment across the Key Learning Areas (Literacy and English, Numeracy and Math, HASS and Science). In addition, if struggling in elective subject, students are able to still access modified assessments to assist their learning.

Remedial and recovery programs offered at PCS are within Literacy and Numeracy, Social Skills and Sensory Processing (Engine Room).

SWD are not allocated a selected number of hours of support per week, but targeted support within the main area/s of need. This may be literacy or numeracy skills, social skills or another identified area selected by the Parent, Class Teacher or Education Support Teacher based on specialist reports or discussions between the family and the school.

Reports: SWD are not required to have a grade in their report if they are not achieving standard level. They will receive an ‘Effort’ grade and comment from the class teacher, and then be referred to the Education Support section of the report for further comment on progress in modified programs.