Welcome to the Primary section of Palmerston Christian School.

Primary School (Transition to Year 6), is an important stage of a child’s life and development. These years lay the foundations and set the pattern for character development and learning.

At Palmerston Christian School, students are not only encouraged to reach their academic potential but are nurtured to enable them to become the people God would want them to be. This means developing their God given talents, teaching what God has said in His Word and encouraging and giving opportunities to serve.

Our primary section is relatively small with all the positive benefits that a small school system offers. Classes are single streamed when possible. Although we do single stream, the curriculum is differentiated so that individual student’s needs are taken into consideration.

Our program has a phonics approach which very quickly equips the children with the necessary kick start to reading and writing and therefore to their entire school life. Although we do go to Year 10, Year 6 is seen as an important year and a year of culmination of primary years at school. Opportunities for leadership and service are given and encouraged. There are primary House Captains and student representatives in formal functions and assemblies.

Class sizes will vary but most years there are approximately 25 students in each class. This optimum class size allows for grouping within the class and for individual tailoring of needs. Children are assessed diagnostically on commencement at PCS so that immediate feedback is available for the individual child. This allows for the placement of the child in the appropriate group in his/her class; offering extension or remediation if necessary.


Children are tested and reports given to parents in Years 3 and 5, according to the NT DEET specifications (MAP testing). We do regular school wide diagnostic testing in reading, spelling and mathematics and students results are recorded and tracked for individual purposes and for assessing and modifying classroom programmes. Students are given the opportunity to enter various competitions throughout the year either individually, as a group or as a whole class.


Every alternate year, the Primary school conducts a school concert. This can be in the form of a whole school production or individual class or combined class performances.

Parent Help/Support

Parents are encouraged to become an integral part of the school. There are many ways of doing this. One is in reader changing and hearing children read: parent helpers in class for art or cooking or even as a guest speaker in your area of expertise. Parents can also serve in fund raising activities and special one-off events.